University of New England Medical School Professor Reveals:

How Any American Can "Flip The Bird" To The Modern Medical System... and...

Survive The Health Crisis With
100+ Scientifically-Backed Home Remedies

"My Type 2, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol VANISHED. Plus I ditched my 6 prescriptions." - Dr. John Herzog

During a crisis... when patients line the hallways and crowd the doors...

Hospitals are forced into impossible life or death decisions...

Who gets treated?

And... who gets turned away to fend on their own?

... Neglected by the system while looking for help?

It happened during Hurricane Katrina.

While many Americans were killed by the initial flooding...

The most senseless deaths occurred AFTER the storm...

Where Americans with existing illnesses, diseases, or injuries... simply weren't treated.

The medical system... simply collapsed.

Many simply died in local hospitals... waiting for treatment.

History Repeats Itself... Again

With the latest virus, there are similar scenes of overcrowded hospitals.

In impacted areas... hospitals are already overrun with patients not getting the attention they need.

Many with pre-existing life-threatening conditions are being told to "leave" and fend for themselves - to make room for those with the virus.

The deeper problem with overrun hospitals... is how many go to "get tested" for their symptoms...

But that run the risk of getting infected while there.

Hospital acquired infections are already one of the thorniest problems for the healthcare system...

And that's before considering a viral epidemic.

The truth is, healthcare facilities become a prime source of infection during an epidemic.

Not Here... Right?

Now, it can be easy to believe that problems like this only impact "other" China... or "problem" states like Louisiana, Florida, or California.

But the latest virus... isn't recognizing borders.

And... it's now become clear that the entire US medical system... from coast to coast...

Is nowhere near prepared enough.

Just "testing" for the latest virus... has already become problematic.

Many test kits sent to states... simply don't work.

After weeks of hearing we have nothing to worry about...

The CDC has already thrown in the towel...

Telling Americans they need to prepare for themselves.

How many Americans could be impacted?

No one knows the exact number...

But experts aren't optimistic.

One Harvard epidemiologist estimates between 40-70% of the world population will be impacted.8

Many experts now suggest that the CDC has not only fumbled the ball...

They've been asleep at the wheel.

Americans who are paying attention have know they're looking at a months-long "bug in" situation.

"How Do I Stay Healthy?"

Not having access to the healthcare system...

Will send shockwaves, if not panic, through most households.

  • "How can I manage my symptoms?"
  • "How can I treat infections?"
  • "How can I get access to medications for my conditions?"

These are all very real questions many Americans are asking right now.

A House of Cards

And, as I'll reveal in this presentation today, our "safety net" is primed to collapse like a house of cards.

  • International travel and trade...
  • Crumbling infrastructure...
  • A border resembling swiss cheese...

Means the ENTIRE country... and our health...

Is inseparably interconnected...

Whether we like it or not.

Depending on a humpty dumpty health system... as I'll demonstrate...

Is no longer an option.

In fact, I'm going to share 5 paper-thin vulnerabilities in the medical system that could spell disaster if they were to happen, in just a minute from now.

How To "OPT OUT" - and Be Healthier Than Ever

That's why I want to help every American who's able to see that the "king has no clothes"...

Get their hands on a simple, reliable, and easy way to "opt out" of the medical system... and yet be healthier than ever in a crisis situation.

Hi my name is Dr. John Herzog...

I'm a third generation board certified physician and orthopedic surgeon.

I spent the last 30 years of my life diagnosing and treating all kinds of ailments...

And fixing torn ligaments, removing tumors, treating infections, and pretty much everything else you can think of.

And I'm here to tell you that the entire U.S. Medical System is on life support...

John Herzog

And even though it's been called the "best medical system in the world"...

It's mostly a "technologically-driven facade."

China vs. U.S.

Americans may "live longer"... by a couple months...

"But the last 10 years... are not expected to be healthy."

We're in big trouble here...

And the truth is... it's gotten so bad...

With far too many patients losing their lives... or that are at risk of dying for no good reason...

That I've had enough.

Which is why two years ago...

I threw up my hands and "Opted Out"...

Walking away from the hospital where I'd worked for the past 25 years.

I'll tell you the full story in just a minute.

But it's also why I'm writing this letter.

Every hard-working, tax-paying, patriotic American... deserves access to the information that can empower nearly anyone to maintain near-perfect health...

In ANY crisis.

Everyone deserves access to the most effective, science-backed remedies that can treat and prevent a virtual encyclopedia of health problems in any crisis.

That way, if drug stores are closed or looted...

If hospitals and clinics are over-run...

If getting a doctor on the phone is impossible...

If the medical system implodes...

Consider This... for Peace of Mind

Imagine the peace of mind that comes from having the scientifically-backed medical information to weather ANY storm... survive any crisis... outlast any health scare...

Healthier, safer, AND with more energy and vitality...

All without needing a broken system one bit.

So let's go ahead and get started right now...

Because frankly, there's not a second to lose.

Why Did I Leave It All Behind?

Like I mentioned, my name is Dr. John Herzog.

I'm a 3rd Generation board certified physician and orthopedic surgeon.

I happily followed in my father's and grandfather's footsteps...

Treating thousands of sports injuries involving knees, hips, and shoulders.

I've diagnosed and treated all sorts of degenerative diseases like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia.

I've served as the Team physician for the USM Hockey Team...

As well as serving as Professor at the University of New England Medical School.

I've also published multiple articles in professional journals addressing lower back pain, arthritis, how to "feed your bones", as well as pioneering advances in the treatment of osteoarthritis.

So... what made me throw up my hands and OPT OUT of the Medical System after decades helping create it?

How I Met "The Moose"


One weekend two years ago, I was driving my 1976 Toyota Landcruiser deep into the backwoods of Maine...

The Beatles pulsing through my speakers.

I'd left my office feeling like a king... heading to an exclusive lodge for a long weekend of fly fishing, juicy Porterhouse steaks, and fine wine.

The next thing I knew I was waking up in a hospital room... on life support.

You see, I was accelerating around a corner... singing along to "Sgt. Peppers"...

When out of nowhere...

I hit a 1500-lb moose head-on.

Ironically, I was only a couple miles away from my destination: Moosehead Lake.

After a ambulance ride I don't remember... I woke up in a hospital room with wires criss-crossing my body and machines beeping behind the bed.

With my injuries... and with how remote my accident was...

I felt lucky to be alive.

But... it felt strange at first to be on "the other side" of the medical system...

The one receiving care, instead of giving it.

I soon realized I had a long road to recovery ahead of me.

It was during my recovery...

That I started to have a profound shift in my perspective.

Just a day before, I'd been a "know-it-all" Doctor.

Now... I was a helpless patient.

I expected to feel safe and secure while I healed.

But my confidence in the system... soon started to erode.

I'd always thought of our medical system as the "Best in the World!"

You know, built like Fort Knox.

But, I began to see it for what it was:

A sand castle... ready to crumble at the smallest wave.

The first vulnerability I noticed... was something most Americans take for granted:

The Electrical Grid.

And, like I mentioned earlier... the entire medical system hinges on access to power...

But without nearly enough redundancies.

So, what would have been my fate if the power had failed... while I was on life support?

Would the hospital be able to keep MY machines on?

What about the thousands of other patients in just that one hospital?

Who becomes "expendable?"

Throw in an epidemic... like the latest "flu" flying in from overseas...

And the sandcastle... gets washed away by the straw that broke the camel's back.

I felt pretty exposed going from "invincible doctor" to vulnerable patient!

But... It's not just The Grid

I dug a little deeper and soon discovered that, along with the grid...

Our entire Country's infrastructure...

Like clean water, solid waste disposal, waste water disposal, and hazardous waste disposal... is hanging by a thread.

That's all infrastructure the entire medical system depends on...

And... get this... the pricetag to fix JUST the grid... is $177 Billion.

The government would have to eliminate the Education budget of $62 B... for 3 straight years to fix just one component of our failing infrastructure.

In other words... fixing ANYTHING... just ain't gonna happen.

What's makes this worse...

Is that even when not "hospitalized... "

Millions of American's health and safety is already in jeopardy because of our eggshell-thin infrastructure.

All it takes is the smallest nudge... to push our medical system past the tipping point.

Just like happened during Hurricane Katrina.

While many Americans were killed by the initial flooding...

The most senseless deaths occurred AFTER the storm...

Where a whole host of Americans died from complications due to existing illnesses, diseases, or injuries...

When the medical system utterly failed them.4|5|6

Many even died in local hospitals simply waiting for treatment.7

History's Repeating Itself - Again

History seems to be on "repeat" right now in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the latest epidemic.

It's not that the latest virus is "that deadly"... it's that hospitals are overrun, and patients aren't getting the attention they deserve.8

Many with other life-threatening conditions are being told to "leave" to make room for those with the virus. 9

Pulling at the thread

Now... the more I pulled at this thread...

The more the "system"... unraveled before me.

Once I started noticing the cracks in the foundation... the more I saw them everywhere.

As I considered the system "keeping me healthy" during a crisis... it started to make me laugh.


The system wasn't even keeping me healthy WITHOUT a crisis.

Doctor: "Heal Thyself"

Here's what I mean.

I'd been delegating my own to "the system" for decades...

Asking Tough Questions

And I started to ask myself some tough questions...

Like "How was that ACTUALLY working out?"

I had high blood pressure... that was "managed" with pills.

I had high cholesterol... that was being managed by... more pills.

I had even been recently diagnosed as Type 2...

The answer? You guess it - more pills.

All told... I had been on 6 different prescriptions... for years.

Nothing ever got better.

It seemed like I was taking pills... just so things wouldn't get worse.

Which... is no way to live.

I soon became haunted by a simple question...

That once it took hold in my mind...

I couldn't shake it.

What if it was possible to GET and STAY healthy...

Inside of a crisis... or outside of one...

Without relying on the fragile, expensive healthcare system...

Most of us have been strapped to... all our lives?

"What if we didn't play by the rules
of the medical establishment...
what would we do?"

At first... this was a hard question to even entertain.

At first... I felt like I was betraying my profession.

But then... I realized that my blind faith in "the system" for so many years...

Was an actual betrayal of my own health...

Not to mention the health and well being of my family.

It was time to follow my research into alternatives... wherever it led.

I soon began to notice herbal remedies... and "food as medicine" remedies...

Showing up in my research.

Honestly... I'd always been skeptical of what I thought were simply "Old Wive's Tales" or legends from far-off lands.

I'd always held anything besides "Western Medicine"... in Disdain.

But... eventually... a cascade of evidence began to change my mind.

For starters...

If these plant-based remedies were simply "folklore" - "myths" - and "fairy tales"...

And they didn't work...

Why would indigenous people pass them down from generation to generation?

Then... it hit me... if these natural remedies were simply "old wive's tales"...

Then why are the vast majority of pharmaceutical drugs... based on natural plant extracts?

With this new mindset... I was ready to arm myself with the remedies that would keep me and my family healthy and safe inside ANY crisis...

As well as outside.

"Crisis-Proof" Cultures?

I started by studying ancient indigenous cultures with rich histories of natural healing remedies...

Cultures who scoff at the "threat" natural disasters pose to their ongoing health...

Because their remedies were "untouched" by the threat of crises.

Soon... a powerful list of natural ingredients and remedies began to emerge...

Which I immediately began checking against scientific research.

I was amazed at how many of these ingredients and remedies stood up to the hard scrutiny of scientific, doubled blind, placebo-controlled research studies!

Then, I began to contact modern experts who had been practicing these same healing modalities for decades.

I asked them questions like they were coming from a machine gun.

They were patient with me... and pointed me to mountains of scientific research studies... that backed up their claims.

"Big Pharma" Free?

I soon noticed that virtually none of these studies were sponsored by "big pharma"...

Which is pretty rare these days.10

My list of scientifically backed natural ingredients and remedies was growing like crazy.

And the vast majority of these so-called "backyard remedies"...

Had undergone brutal scrutiny in research labs right here in the US...

And had come out with spectacular results.

Which told me these were the exact remedies I needed to opt out of the system...

And make me and my family's health "bulletproof" in a crisis.

For example, a team of researchers from leading universities in Michigan and Florida discovered...

The strange Asian Root that, when combined with the common kitchen spice that's in your kitchen right now...

Increased its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory powers by up to 2000%11

As I thought this through... it just made sense.

Anyone struggling with joint pain... or any other health condition where inflammation is a factor... (the list is HUGE)...

Would be up a creek without a paddle in a crisis...

Once the pharmacies were looted.

So... stocking up on this simple root... and this kitchen spice...

Is beyond easy... and cheap...

And can make you as immune to disasters... as those indigenous cultures.

Then, there's the...

The "Sunshine Surprise" Remedy That Helps Lift the Burden of Stress, Pressure, & Anxiety.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine found that when you combine these unique flowers the right way... it significantly reduced stress, pressure, and anxiety. 12

What will the majority of Americans do during the next crisis... when the pressure to survive is at an all time high... and societal unrest is in the "red zone"?

Stress... pressure... and anxiety will never be greater.

How fast do you think anxiety meds will disappear???

Armed with this remedy, you'll be sitting in the "cat-bird seat!"

Calm, cool, collected.


Why This One Herb, Scientifically Researched By The Michigan University Of Health13, Is A Near Bullet-Proof Pain Relief Remedy

Finally! A powerful all-natural alternative to the traditional approach to pain relief pills.14

Exploring "Survival" Medicine?

This naturally led my journey of discovery to connect with experts in survival and emergency medicine.

I'd always wondered why the media portrayed these survival experts as a little on the "fringe"...

But I soon discovered the media portrayal... was nothing more than a caricature.

What they shared with me was not only above and beyond generous...

But it surprised me how simple, practical and effective it was.

It reminded me of my years in the Boy Scouts...

Be "Prepared"

Where "Be Prepared" was not only the motto... it was a way of life!

Before I knew it, I had an impressive collection of scientifically proven natural health remedies.

Remedies that can help any American fight disease... relieve pain... boost energy... and stay healthy... in or out of a crisis.

Giving ANYONE the confidence and peace of mind...

That you can be sitting pretty when the system goes down and access to hospitals and clinics simply isn't an option...

When I finally counted them all up... I found I'd collected more than 100 of these natural remedies!

But I knew I wasn't finished.

You see, all this research was all fine and dandy...

But it was all "on paper"...

There was one more round of "evidence" I needed these remedies to pass before I was convinced:

My own health.

Like I mentioned earlier, I was on 6 medications.

I had meds for Type 2, for high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

I was also on NSAIDs (anti-inflammatories) for my joint pain as well as anti-anxiety meds.

Could these natural remedies pass the test where it mattered most?

Could these natural remedies succeed where the medical system had failed?

I was determined to find out.

Could This Doctor "Heal" Myself?

I started with my high blood sugar... since it scared me the most.

I started taking that woody vine I mentioned earlier that means "Sugar Destroyer."

The research said that daily supplementation could help reduce the amount of glucose and unhealthy fats in the bloodstream...

As well as help decrease body fat.15

Plus there was a common kitchen spice plus the extract from a common yard weed that I'd read was effective in supporting high blood sugar.16|17|18|19

Together, what I called my "Blood Sugar Rescue Remedy"...

Helped my A1C numbers go from 185... All the way down to 97!

Plus... I lost 50 lbs!

Which meant I could toss my blood sugar meds.

I honestly thought I'd experienced a miracle!

But it didn't stop there - not by a long shot.

I discovered the herbal remedy that helped me take my blood pressure from the "Red Zone" of crisis...

The "Green Zone" of normal.

Armed with these successes... I repeated these victories with the rest of my conditions.

The powerful anti-inflammatory remedies I mentioned earlier helped erase the ache in my achy joints.

And I discovered the unique remedy that helped my bad cholesterol (LDL) go from 250... All the way down to 100!

In a matter of months...

I'd lost 50 lbs...

I'd gone from the "crisis" zone with my high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol...

Back to the "normal" zone.

My numbers looked like I was still in my 20's!

What's more... I was able to throw away ALL my prescriptions.

This removed ANY risk of side effects from all those chemicals I'd been throwing into my body.

And... I saved a bundle of cash on my Rx co-pays.

To top it all off... I hadn't felt this good since my college days!

Clearly, individual results will vary...

But... these remedies had passed my personal health test...

With flying colors.

I was astounded.

Word Started to Get Out

So... I started sharing these remedies with my family and friends... and a few colleagues.

Some were living in big cities... dying for the chance to "OPT OUT" of the medical system they'd lost faith in.

Others others were living off grid... but didn't have access to the science-based studies and remedies I'd discovered.

There were so many who experienced the same powerful results I'd experienced...

That I knew it was my patriotic duty to make this available public.

Every American deserves access to the same powerful information that can help them "Opt Out" of the modern medical system...

Everyone deserves the peace of mind that they can be healthier than ever... safer than ever... more confident than ever...

That come what may... they have the one health tool to survive virtual

A Big-Time Publisher?

At first... I thought about taking my collection of 100 remedies to a big-time publisher.

I figured as a successful doctor, I'd have no trouble landing a book deal... to get this information to the American public.

But... as I thought about it... it dawned on me that the American "mainstream" probably wouldn't be very excited about this information.

Plus, I knew that there would be many within the medical system who would fight against a project like this tooth and nail.

But... since the system is so broken...

And... since we're already living on borrowed time...

It made more sense... to speak to every-day Americans directly... without the mainstream marketing machine.

Besides... I'd been playing by the "corporate rules" for decades... and frankly, I was so done with that.

I decided to make this "first of its kind" resource available directly to you... the American public.

That's why I'm proud to present to you...

The Doctor's Book of Survival Home Remedies.

The Doctor's Book of Survival Home Remedies

It's the all-in-one health resource... with everything anyone might ever need...

To OPT OUT of the modern medical system, yet be healthier and safer than ever... virtually immune to whatever crisis may come down the pike.

It's truly the only "Health Survival Encyclopedia" I know of.

In fact, it's 439 pages...

Chaulk full of over 100 Scientifically Researched Natural Home Remedies...

That can keep you and your family healthy and safe in ANY crisis.

It's the best "health insurance" you could possible have...

For when the medical system goes belly up...

And modern "health conveniences" go out the window...

And survival is on the line.

Simple - Smart - Easy

The "Doctor's Book of Survival Home Remedies" is the smart, simple, and easy way to take back control of your own health.

It's so simple and easy to use... it's full proof.

If you can read a table of contents... you have everything you need have instant access to over 100 remedies for just about any health condition out there.

This book of survival home remedies walks experts and novices alike through the exact details they need to use over 100 natural remedies that can ensure their family's health... when SHTF.

Any 5th Grader or M.D. can follow the "Easy as A-B-C" directions... and be "set"... prepared for any crisis.

Plus, it doesn't matter where someone lives: rural, suburban, or urban.

And it doesn't matter how prepared or underprepared someone feels about their "survival" situation.

The Doctor's Book of Survival Home Remedies... has your back.

For instance...

The Exact Foods To Eat To Build A "Brain Fortress"

And Protect Fragile Brain Tissue From Slow Degradation And Memory Issues.

Anyone with joints that don't work the way they want will love:

The Simple Blend Of Herbs That Helps Deflate The "Inflammation Balloon" That Causes Achy Joints


The Simple, But Powerful "RULE of ONE" For A Creaking, Achy Back. Ignore This, And It's Guaranteed To Get Worse.

Plus the shocking science behind...

Why NSAIDs (anitinflammatories) May Be The Worst "Pill" Ever Foisted on The American Public.

Plus... What To Take Instead.

Discover why Cayenne Pepper...

Could be the Weight Loss AND Motion Sickness "MVP"


How To Identify The PUREST BIOACTIVE "Hot Stuff"

Weight Loss made easy...

The Little-known Seeds From India That Help Crank Up Metabolism... Naturally... Flavorfully... Effectively.

Plus, discover :

The "Non-Hippie" Way to:

Take FULL Advantage of The Soothing
Healing Powers of Cannabis

PLUS: The #1 Reason It's not just for "Pot Heads" Anymore

Tummy Issues? Then try this time-honored

"Yellow Tea" Blend... Trusted for THOUSANDS of Years To Put a Near-Instant Stop to Food Poisoning,
Upset Stomachs, Vomiting, and even Diarrhea.

Modern packaged "cures" can't hold a candle to this all-natural, tummy-soothing tea. Plus, it just tastes better!

Fungal Infection?

Why the Conventional Treatment (Antibiotics) Has Done More Harm Than Perhaps Any Other Rx

Plus... Why This "Christmas Spice" OIL Is Perhaps Nature's Most Powerful Fungal Fighter


The Uncommon "Common Sense" Approach to Avoiding Complications From The Flu...

AND from Worthless FLU SHOTS!

PLUS - The Herbal Tincture that Helps Flush Out Toxins Like Taking Out the Trash...

And that Hastens Your Recovery

Plus... you'll discover...

The "Live Free Or Die" Protocol For Survival Health Preparations

The 3 Diseases For Which You SHOULD Stockpile Meds: These Will Be Like "Gold Bars" If You Ever Need to Barter

Are There "Memory Killers" Hiding in Multivitamins?How To Know For Sure - And What To Use Instead

How To Squeeze Every Ounce Of Anti-bacterial, Anti-microbial, Anti-inflammatory Benefits From Sea Buckthorn

The Strange Unidentified "Gut Bug" The New York Times Identified As Today's Most Deadly "International Assassin"... For Which There Is No Known Cure...


  • How To Barricade Your Intestines So This Silent Killer Never Finds Its Way In
  • Why This "Apple Core" Solution May Be Your #1 Guard Against Neurological Decline And Memory Problems
  • How You Can Avoid "Training" Your Body To "Resist" Antibiotics and Succumb To The Next "Untreatable" Superbug
  • How To Reduce Your Chances Of Developing Neurological Decline By 80% - Simply By Avoiding This One Food
  • The Strange-but-true 20-minute Natural Method To Kick Anxiety & Depression To The Curb... Backed By Harvard Research21
  • The One Source Of Vitamin E That Reduced Risk Of Neurological Decline By 49%... And Why You Can Never Find It In A Pill Or Capsule
  • The Ancient "Turmeric Tea" Recipe For Treating Colds And Respiratory Conditions.
  • The "Grape Juice" Protocol For Improving Memory & Recall - In Less Than 3 Months22
  • The "Shade Test" For Determining Which Fruits And Vegetables Are Highest In Antioxidants. You Can Know With A Single Glance Which Foods Are Brimming With Cell-repairing Antioxidants
  • The Two Powerful "Orange" Plants That Boost Healthy Brain Memory Function<
  • The one supplement REQUIRED for a stressful life. Research shows it helps the body support "normal" blood pressure. Remarkable!
  • Why The "Broccoli Diet" Can Drain Inflammation Like Pulling The Plug On A Bathtub.
  • How To Maximize The "Fatty Acid Twins" To Relieve Stress, Anxiety, and Depression24
  • Need Anaesthetic To Save A Life... Set A Broken Bone... Or Pull A Tooth? This Powerful Remedy Lets You Wave A Magic Wand And Turn Alcohol Into Chloroform
  • How To Turn Florida Oranges... Into Penicillin - The Broad-spectrum Antibiotic That Will Become The Most In-demand Remedy In A Crisis.
  • un Out Of Heart Medication? Eat This Fruit Instead.
  • How Scoring Low In This "Vitamin B" Triad... Can Trigger Anxiety & Depression
  • No Dentist? Treat Toothaches With This "Smelly" Plant Extract
  • Why The Color "Orange" Should Be Your Favorite Brain Health Color - Due To This One Orange Berry Found In Northern Europe And This One Orange Root From Western India
  • Eat This "Slippery" Inner Tree Bark To Help Battle Deadly Bacteria
  • Why A Landmark 25-year Study Revealed That Consuming These Two Fats... Accelerated Memory Decline.
  • Why The "Triple C" Protocol ("Cinnamon, Celery, And Cannabis") Helps Keep Neurological Decline At Bay.
  • This Mushroom Is Loaded With Antioxidants That Target Deadly Inflammation In The Brain.
  • How To Use Sea Buckthorn Oil To Fight Both High Blood Pressure... And Neurological Decline.
  • Why A Little-known Finnish Study Suggests That A "Home Sauna" Might Be The Best Home Improvement Project To Battle Memory Conditions And Neuro Decline.
  • Why This Orange Spice Should Be The #1 Stockpiled Powdered Spice.
  • The 10 Often Overlooked Signs Someone Is Suffering From Anxiety.
  • How To Not Be One Of The Estimated 78 Million Americans (26% Of All Americans) Suffering From Severe Joint Pain In 2040.
  • How To Not Be One Of The 1 In 4 Americans Diagnosed With Debilitating Joint Pain.
  • How To Use Aloe Vera... To Not Only Treat 1st & 2nd Degree Burns... But Also Improve Circulation And Discourage Bacteria Growth.
  • Why Obesity Will Soon Replace Smoking As The #1 Cause Of Cancer In The Us.
  • Type 2's Natural Sworn Enemy: Use this one simple protocol to avoid it. Backed by Harvard Research.
  • The popular food that makes inflammation grow like the "Incredible Hulk" - avoid it at all costs.

Plus... so much more.

"Will It Work for Me?"

Now, one question I've gotten is this:

"Dr Herzog, this all sounds too good to be true. Will I be able to follow your directions, even if I've relied on conventional medicine for most of my life?"

The real answer is this: following the "Doctor's Book of Survival Home Remedies" system is simple, quick, and easy.

It truly can work for anyone and everyone.

Besides the 100+ health conditions it addresses...

It contains the exact steps I used to finally get free of MY unhealthy conditions... 100% naturally.

I kissed high blood pressure, Type 2, high cholesterol, and joint pain...

Goodbye for good.

Plus, I was able to lose 50 pounds and ditch the 6 prescription meds I was on.

Truly, The Doctor's Book of Survival Home Remedies is THE solution...

... for anyone who wants natural and effective alternatives to conventional remedies and unpredictable side effects...

... for anyone who wants the A to Z step by step blueprint for the fastest and easiest way to cultivate the healing remedies EVERY family needs and deserves...

Like I said, anyone who can read a table of contents... is qualified.

Why Google Isn't Your Friend

Now... I'm sure there might be some reading this right now...

They're probably industrious and determined...

That might be thinking, "I'll just grab my best friend Google... and go to town and create my own book of survival home remedies."

And to those industrious individuals, I'd say "God speed and more power to ya!"

But just know this.

It'll likely take between 6 and 12 months minimum... if you tackle it like a full time job.

That's what I did... and it took me 3 months to do the research... and I'm a doctor.

Then it took me another 2 months to put it together in a way that's actually usable.

That's not even mentioning sorting through dosage amounts...

Or what extracts of different herbs to avoid...

Or what the shelf-life of different strains of ingredients are...

Or figuring out how to correctly store items so they maintain bioavailability.

Unless you have a medical degree and want to treat it like a full-time job, I don't recommend this approach.

Truly Praise-Worthy

Since I was originally creating this list of remedies for myself and my family...

I already sorted through the most crucial information...

So this life-saving information could be quickly and easily accessed, understood, and applied.

Since I've made it available to the public... I've continued to get emails praising the information in it.

Everyday Americans like Phyllis H. from Gold Hill, OR who wrote:

"Thank you Dr. Herzog! This is exactly the life-saving information my family and I needed, but didn't know where to find. I'm more confident than ever my family and I can stay healthy even without the "system's" help."

Or William P. from Bentonville, AR:

"I've wanted to get off my prescription meds for years, but because I'm 63, didn't think I could do it. Thanks to your health information, I'm finally free of my 4 meds, and I've never felt better."

Or Steven G. from Athens, GA:

"I grew up as a Boy Scout with "be prepared" as my motto and life goal. This was the missing piece. Thank you, Dr. Herzog."

Reading a Table of Contents = Qualified

Now... like I said, if you can read a table of contents... you're perfectly qualified to make "expert" use of this book.

First, there's a list of conditions in alphabetical order.

Anyone who's facing any one of these conditions can instantly look it up.

I then cover that condition from A to Z.

First, there's a section called "Understanding It" to make sure and misunderstandings are cleared up.

Then, I cover "Possible Complications" that might come up.

Next, there's a section to cover the "Symptoms" as well as "Possible Causes" of the condition.

Then I wrap up each condition by covering "Prevention" as well as research-based, science-backed "Natural Remedies."

I've included pictures, illustrations, and photographs for clarity and ease of understanding.

Plus... there's an "A to Z Index" where you can find exact page references for virtually any topic you might want to look up.

Plus, there's a "Table of Figures" and illustrations for quick and easy reference.

There's 83 figures and illustrations in this 439-Page Reference Book.

This Has Made Me Some Enemies

Now, like I mentioned...

This digital book has already created waves... and made some enemies.

And it goes without saying that the "Modern Medical" system is one of the most powerful systems on earth.

And the more people who get their hands on this underground resource...

The fewer "paying customers" they have...

Which obviously, they don't like.

Plus, they've got an army of litigators who specialize in "burying" the little guy in red tape and legal motions in order to bleed him dry.

I've seen first-hand how effective this tactic is.

Which is why anyone who wants the information to help them OPT OUT of the medical system... should act fast.

I might be forced to take down this presentation any day.

9 Months In the Making

That's exactly why in just a minute... I'll be sharing with you how to get your hands on this book so you can get immediate access to this information...

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I've even had publishers contact me and say I should be charging $149 for a reference book of this caliber.

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What Happens Next?

As If That's Not Enough

Oh, and there's more.... And this is important.

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The Doctor's Book of 100 Delicious Healthy Recipes

When inflammation is good, it fights off foreign invaders, heals injuries and mops up debris.25

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And inflammation goes bad... when it doesn't go away.27

The Doctor's Book of 100 Delicious Healthy Recipes

A body that's constantly inflamed is constantly unhealthy.

Unfortunately... the "Standard American Diet" is rich in inflammation causing foods.

The best way to battle constant inflammation... is with anti-inflammatory foods.

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The Doctor's List of Food as Medicine.

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This simple but powerful list is designed to help anyone know exactly what foods help promote healing in the body.

For anyone with a passion for living their best Independently Healthy life...

The Doctor's List of Food as Medicine

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The Doctor's Book of Home Emergency Room Triage

Every family is bound to encounter events worthy of a trip to the ER.

Broken bones... burns... skin infections... back pain... abdominal pain... plus cuts and contusions.

Every family should have access to competent triage and treatment strategies...

The Doctor's Book of Home Emergency Room Triage

In the event that an ER is inaccessible...

That could be due to a crisis, a backout, a natural disaster... or even rural travel.

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My friend, it's decision time.

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Reason #1 is that the system already being taxed beyond the breaking point.

Throw in any type of crisis... and you could very well beyond its reach.

I decided I didn't want to roll the dice with my family's health.

Reason #2 - and I understand this is controversial...

The "system" doesn't always have your best interest in mind.

Most of the system's "remedies" simply manage "symptoms."

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How Do I Know If This Product Is For Me?

First off, you don't need to be a medical expert to use The Doctor's Book of Home Survival Remedies.

I wrote it so ANYONE... whether they're a Medical Doctor... or a 5th grader could use it to full effect.

Anyone who's concerned about staying healthy in ANY crisis...

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Once you click the button, you'll be directed to an secure order form where you can confirm everything you're getting here today.

On the order form, you'll enter the information that will enable you to get your hands on this life-giving informations as fast as humanly possible.

Does this really work?

Good question.

Many of these remedies hae been working for hundreds, if not thousands of years.

Even though they may not be well-known in conventional circles, doesn't mean they're not powerfully effective.

Plus... I've ONLY included remedies that have passed the hard scrutiny of scientific studies with rigorous laboratory standards.

You get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that these remedies are both time-honored natural remedies used for generations ... as well as scientifically-backed

How Is My Investment Protected?

Unlike almost any doctor's visit or medical procedure.

You have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

I call it my "Doctor's Oath Guarantee."

You have a full 60 days to test out the remedies in this digital book. If you're not satisfied, my oath to you is that I'll refund your 100% of your purchase - no questions asked.

A simple email is all it takes and your refund will be processed ASAP.

You truly risk nothing when you order The Doctor's Book of Home Survival Remedies today.

Is the "Medical System" Evil?

Short answer: no.

I'm grateful for it. It saved my life!

When it works the right way, it can be a life saver.

The problem is, the medical system is just so limited. In many ways it relies on technology too much... and when the electricity goes out... or the machines fail... it can have catastrophic consequences.

I much prefer the peace of mind that comes from needing the "system" less and less.

Plus... my health is so much better following these time-honored and research-backed solutions.

I'm willing to bet yours will be too.

Is Food Really "Medicine?"

I know it's a little foreign to modern, western culture, but food was considered the #1 medicine in the world for thousands and thousands of years.

Now, it's true, some "natural" solutions turned out to be non-scientific traditions that got passed from one generation to the next.

They were more like a "wing and a prayer" remedies... without any scientific research to back them up.

That's why I ONLY included remedies that have mountains of research behind their claims.

If it's not backed by credible, peer-reviewed research studies, I'm not interested!

You get the benefit of thousands of years of healing tradition... plus the scientific proof you need to rest easy at night knowing you have the natural remedies ON HAND to address more than 100 conditions you or your family might face.

What Should I Do Now?

If you're ready to "opt out" of a medical system that might not have your back... when the survival of your family is on the line...

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Click the button now, and I'll see you on the other side.

God bless you, and God bless America.

Christine from North Carolina: I just received the digital version of your book. I have been reading it non-stop. I like the way it is organized and easy to read/understand. I appreciate your concern on health and survival and find it to be similar to mine. I am looking forward to reading the book from cover to cover. Thank you for your experience, research, and recommendations. I am already taking notes to begin our healthier lifestyle!

Diana T. from Maine, USA Thankfully, people like this Dr. Herzog help us to have additional healthful options for caring for ourselves! Medical doctors who prescribe pills are lifesavers, deserving our respect. But prevention and building up our health on our own is even better when possible!