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E-mail 1

Subject Line 1:How Small Everyday Ailments Become Life Threatening Conditions

Subject Line 2:Most Folks Are Blind To This Fact

Body Copy:

Fellow patriot,

I'm sure that you are aware how serious having a life threatening condition can be in a SHTF situation. That goes without saying.

BUT what many people don't talk about is how small everyday ailments can cause big, big trouble even when everything is just fine and dandy in our society. (which is NEVER - but that's a whole different ball of wax).

So, if you would like to know right away how to deal with these small but potentially life threatening ailments CLICK HERE immediately!

If not... Let me cut to the chase here.

People rarely think about back pain, blood pressure, digestive issues, fungal infections, burns or even anxiety and depression when thinking about a SHTF situation...

...but every one of those everyday health problems can cause big life threatening problems.

When there are no more hospitals, doctors and medications to even take care of things like a burn or fungal infection, you and your family are in danger.

Since you're reading this, I'm sure you're one of the few that is not blind to this fact. This is exactly why you NEED to check this out ASAP!.

Stay safe,


P.S. Keep your family and yourself healthy with this Health Survival Encyclopedia - DON'T WAIT UNTIL IT'S TOO LATE!

E-mail 2

Subject Line 1:Risk of DYING for no good reason

Subject Line 2:the devil hides in the details (deadly everyday ailments)

Body Copy:

Fellow patriot,

Don't get me wrong, I love living life, keeping my family safe and I believe in the idea of fighting for my freedom until my last dying breath.

But even more than that I believe in being prepared and doing everything I can so my family and my bloodline prevails in case of a SHTF situation.

I also believe that's why the good Lord gave us everything we need to survive and thrive in this world - that is, IF you know where to look.

So when my time comes I know I don't want it to be because of something I could have prevented but didn't.

And as sure as hell I don't want it to be because of some stupid thing like a fungal infection, digestive issue, a burn or small infected wound!

But the horrifying truth is that those small everyday ailments, things regular folks in “normal” circumstances don't even think about, in a SHTF situation can make a difference between life and death.

That is why Dr. John Herzog felt it was his patriotic duty to create this health survival manual that you need to check out RIGHT NOW!

You see, Dr. Herzog's mission is a bit unusual for a doctor.

He aims to help Americans actually reduce or even eliminate doctors and even hospital visits - as well as being prepared when times get tough. - You can find out more about his extremely important work RIGHT HERE.

Stay safe,


P.S. There are forces out there that are not happy that this information is available to the public. Be sure to access it ASAP! If it's still available you'll find it HERE.

E-mail 3

Subject Line 1:Announcement: OPT OUT Today

Subject Line 2:Important notice: Do you OPT OUT?

I don't know how anyone can be blind to the blatant fact that the American Medical System is in fact sick. So sick it should be on life support.

Even after witnessing what has happened in the last 2 years. How the very system that was put in place to keep you healthy became a place where people with serious illnesses were turned away to fend on their own.

And when things get worse (and we know they will) then who gets treated, and who gets turned away to fend on their own?

Is it you and your family?

It happened before but I guess our medical system didn't learn its lesson.

Remember Hurricane Katrina? While many Americans were killed by the initial flooding the most senseless deaths happened AFTER the storm.

Innocent Americans with existing illnesses, diseases and injuries simply were not treated. The medical system collapsed and many simply died in local hospitals while waiting for treatment.

Seeing this take place again one patriotic man - Dr. John Herozog (a 3rd generation board certified physician and orthopedic surgeon) decided to OPT OUT of the traditional medical system. And I decided to join him.

You see Dr. Herzog not only understands the problem as a doctor but also as a patient.

This is why he's created this “OPT OUT” MANUAL that you MUST check out as soon as possible!

Stay safe,

- Sig

P.S. Please don't allow yourself to depend on a dying medical system - DO THIS RIGHT NOW.

E-mail 4

Subject Line 1:Medical Emergency: ACT NOW

Subject Line 2:Confidential: Doctor's Note

This doctor is spilling the beans about a horrifying medical emergency in our country!

The U.S. Medical System is collapsing from the inside out and it is only a matter of time until it crumbles!

This is why I advise you to take a look at this important “doctor's note” RIGHT HERE as soon as possible!

It reveals how having high blood pressure, diabetes, back pain, digestive issues, fungal infections and even simple everyday ailments like wounds, burns or a common cold could soon be detrimental to you!

Why? Find out in this doctor's TELL-ALL Confession!

Stay safe,


P.S. The good news is that there is a way to not depend on the crumbling Medical system and it's readily available at this moment, but you have to act before it's too late. - Do this NOW!

E-mail 5

SL: MD reveals home remedies for long term survival

Who takes care of your health while doctors are busy battling the crisis?

In the coming days it may become hard to manage your blood pressure without drugs... keep your memory sharp... and kick your immunity in high gear.

Dr. John Herzog assembled an essential list of "survival remedies" for those stuck at home with little to no access to healthcare.

They're exactly what you need if you expect a future with

Click here to read more about how to stay healthy during quarantine

E-mail 6

SL: What doctors do to survive quarantine

Doctors have families too.

How do they protect those families... particularly seniors... when healthcare is rationed or non-existent?

Dr. John Herzog put together a comprehensive list of "survival home remedies".

This is essential for managing chronic health conditions in a "no doctor" situation.

Click here to read what home remedies work best for survival

E-mail 7

SL: What every American needs in their pantry in times of crisis (not water)

Picture this...

You're sitting at the kitchen table having breakfast
with your family. Toast, pancakes, eggs, bacon, and
orange juice. The whole 9-yards.

Suddenly one of the kids reaches for the hot pan.

And before you can yell "stop", he's pulled it down
on top of himself. He's bathed in hot grease. You expect him
to let out a yell. But he doesn't. His face blanches white and
he curls up in a ball. You realize he's in shock. This burn
is serious.

So, you turn to find your phone and call 911. Then
you remember... Hospitals have become war zones.
They're overrun with critical patients. There's no way
they'll be able to help the boy. And your doctor
hasn't worked in weeks.

You can't even buy an antibiotic cream because
drugstores are closed. What do you do?

If you're Dr. John Herzog, you grab something off the
kitchen table and apply it to the boy's burn immediately.
No, not the butter. It's something you'd likely never guess.

It works even better than expensive medicinal creams.
And yet, it's so common you probably have some
in your own kitchen right now.

I know. I made this situation up. And yet, it's something
I'm pretty sure we all realize could someday happen.
And of course, a severe burn is just one of dozens of
bad things that might happen when you can't reach
medical care.

Which is why Dr. Herzog put a list of together 102 other
serious injuries and illnesses you can treat at home.

Check them out here.

E-mail 8

SL: Natural remedies for survival

Fellow patriot,

What home remedies work best in a crisis?

It's strange, but until recently it was very hard
to know the answer. Because there wasn't a resource
just for survival home remedies.

But this "survival surgeon" from Maine sought to
change this. Dr. John Herzog put together
the largest collection ever assembled of home remedies
that are especially useful in a survival scenario.

This is essential especially in a "no doctor" situation,
when you can't (or won't) go to the hospital.

The website is attracting some serious heat - but
you can still watch this controversial presentation here.

E-mail 9

SL: Make your own antibiotics at home

Fellow patriot,

Did you know you can make your own penicilin,
at home... using cantaloupe rinds?

In a survival situation where pharmacies are closed
(or looted), survival home remedies could be your only hope.

For instance, you can make your own anesthetic at home.
This book shows how to make chloroform at home... a powerful
painkiller that can prove essential in a health emergency.

Plus 101 other home remedies for survival situations -
in Dr. John Herzog's book that's been an instant hit
with preppers and patriots.

Click here to find out more about
"The Doctor's Book of Survival Home Remedies".


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